A 4+1 apartment, ap.1, is available in building no. 6/1, on the 1st floor (ground floor).


163.48 m²

Property type:

Apartament për banim ose për zyrë / Residence or office

Property composition:

4 (katër) dhoma, kuzhinë, 1 (një) tualet dhe ballkon.


Rruga “Skënderbej”.

A spacious apartment is available for rent, with a surface area of 163.48 m², located in building no. 6/1, on the 1st floor (ground floor) on “Skënderbej” Street, Tirana. The apartment consists of four rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a balcony.

Each room is equipped with an air conditioner for heating and cooling the spaces. During the winter season, central heating is provided through a radiator system. Additionally, water supply is provided free of charge.

It is important to mention that the building and the apartment are well-maintained by the responsible authority, DSHTD, and the location of the building offers a quiet and safe environment.