The Directorate of the Diplomatic Corps Service has extensive experience in providing modern standard services to diplomatic missions, as well as foreign organizations, projects, and foundations operating in the buildings administered by the Directorate.

With a principle of continuous improvement of working and living conditions for its tenants, the Directorate offers high-quality and timely services that focus on:

  1. Ongoing maintenance and technical assistance in the buildings under its administration, through a specialized staff of electricians, plumbers, painters, masons, carpenters, and furniture experts. Services are guaranteed to be provided on time and with the necessary quality.
  2. Central heating system and free hot and cold water supply for the residential apartments and offices.
  3. Elevator services, maintenance, and cleaning of common areas such as staircases and other shared spaces.
  4. Guaranteed parking with full security measures in place.
  5. A peaceful environment with high-security roads and restricted and monitored vehicle access.
  6. Well-maintained green spaces that are continuously cared for.
  7. For any urgent needs or issues that require immediate attention, a 24-hour service is provided through our information office.